Zorko Tomato Farmers Initiative

With 98% of the Zorko region inhabitants depending on agriculture, sufficient supply of water is of the utmost importance. In the dry season, however, rainfall is limited, so farmers need to find a way to preserve the water. Before George Akelwira’s project, farmers used to dig deep holes in the ground by hand, until ground water was reached. This would supply them with water that they would then manually use to water the plants.

The old way of supplying water in the dry season.
The old way of supplying water in the dry season.

With the funds of the Commitment Award, George was able to construct four water pumps for the 4,000 inhabitants of the Zorko region in the North-East region of Ghana. We hard to explain what this means  for the farmers, so we thought it’s best to just repeat what Azana Awine, one of the many farmers of the Zorko region, said about the new pumps.

for me these pumps are like a tree that is being planted which would soon bear fruits… through these pumps, we can increase our production, get more revenue and keep our children in school

George (in the middle with glasses) among the farmers