Computer Literacy in Niassa, Mozambique

The 2016 Commitment Award winners
Grisha accepting his 2016 award

Computer literacy may not be the first form of literacy that comes to mind, however, due to technology and its impact upon our world, in today’s world one must be both literate and computer literature too. Grigoriy Grigoryev aka “Grisha” seeks to help the youth in Niassa, Mozambique by creating local computer schools, the first of their kind in the area. Here students will learn about computers using the versatile Raspberry Pi computer, with this education students will be able to learn how to code and create their own programs.

Grisha worked with the Peace Corps and served for two years in Mozambique, during this time he taught over 400 students about computers and the science behind them. As he was teaching, one of Grisha’s pupils had taken quickly to computers and is now assisting with the development of this school in his community. These local relationships are paramount to a successful implementation and sustainable project and certainly will pay off in the end.

This initiative and the creation of computer school has the potential to positively impact the community, as the goal is to create two schools with different target audiences. One school will work with the youth/teenagers (over 15) and the other will focus on adolescents (8-14). The community, likewise, understands the importance of these schools and has allocated the space for these schools to be established and used.

Using these links below you can keep track of Grisha’s project and learn more about the overall initiative.