Yupayta Yachasunchis: Increasing Knowledge

1st Prize 2020: Daniela Sota Valdivia and Adriana Gonzalez Carrion (Peru)

The 2020 First Prize winner was the project “Yupayta Yachasunchis: Increasing Knowledge”, created by alumna Daniela Sota Valdivia (Class of 2018) and Adriana Gonzalez Carrion. This project aims to strengthen the mathematics and language skills of Quechua speaking children aged 7 to 11 years old in the indigenous community of Ccatcca in Peru. Quechua speaking children have long received a poor quality education and due to COVID-19, they are now being deprived of it entirely. The government’s home-schooling program has been developed for Spanish speakers only and it is not broadcasted across local radios in rural communities. To help children cope with this situation, the project aims to strengthen their skills through a weekly radio educational program. Thus, the project will contribute to narrowing the gap between rural and urban education while also helping to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections by promoting this type of education as an option to reduce social contact.

Daniela Sota Valdivia
Daniela Sota Valdivia and Adriana Gonzalez Carrion
Award Ceremony 2020: Daniela’s speech at the Commitment Awards
Award Ceremony 2021: Development of the project